"Silence" the display of volumes inspired by nature

"Silence" the display of volumes inspired by nature

08 August, 2019 | Share Article

A sculptor considered works of the "Silence" exhibition as a window for intuition and observation of the universe and said: "In this exhibition, I have also displayed works from the collection "Inner Peace" which is influenced by nature".

According to the Shabestan correspondent, an exhibition entitled the "Silence" featuring works of Mohammad Moghadasi will be held on Friday, July 2nd, at the CAMA Gallery. In this exhibition, Mohmad Moghadasi showcases artworks from the collection "Inner Peace". This show was an excuse to discuss with the artist:


Why did you choose the title "Silence" for your volume exhibition?

"Silence does not mean to stop talking, but the silence of intuition. That is why I love silence, thoughts grow in silence, and it is easier to explore inside and outside of self; with the silence, one can observe the universe fluidly which will seem to happen much more in nature".


What technique and materials are used for the creation of works?

"To get closer to the volume or the visual direction that I want, I use any technique and tools; this can be wood carving in some parts or collages in other parts. In this exhibition, the main tools are chisel and chainsaw, and the main material is wood with a complementary metal figure".


Untitled from Inner peace series by Mohammad Moghadasi


Are the sizes of created work the same?

"No, to relate and approach to the original form and concept the size is variable, and it depends on the size of wood; when you imagine a volume on a piece of wood, it is difficult to draw your mind on the other one. The largest work of this exhibition is 100x85cm with a diameter of 35cm, and the smallest piece is 35cm".


Some of the works in this exhibition are from the "Inner Peace" collection, explain more about the concept?

"Inner Peace reflects more on the interplay of humankind and his/her thought; sometimes thoughts invade inside and to the human being's subconscious, sometimes we are defeated, or we conquer. In this collection the contrast of lines and the smooth curves came together to form a structure, for me, it is a pleasure to create a composition of a sequence of forms and lines and to enliven up in a specific direction".


Have you had another exhibition before the "Silence"?

No, I have not had an exhibition so far, "Silence" is my first showcase, but I had a live representation at the Second Symposium of Wood and the "Naghsh-e-Khial" workshop, and I received excellent feedback from people".


Untitled from Inner peace series by Mohammad Moghadasi


Have you been influenced by your surrounding in creating your work?

"I am a climber, and nature is my solace, so nature has the most impact on my work. Most of my work in this exhibition based on the contrast between the thoughts of two people or society or anything else the audience must comprehend. One of the titles is "Free" that depicts a normal and inner growth, and another is "Blue Whale", the largest sea animal that symbolizes a human being with racing thoughts that are sometimes poisonous and frustrating, and are occasionally full of conflicts and creating dramatic scenarios. The growth of this human being depends on the escape of the personal thought's trap. In this work, the circular direction shows the shape of the beginning and end of the growth that everything changes and nothing are permanent.


How many artworks are featured in the “Silence”?

The exhibition features 7 works for the first time, and 5 of these are form the “Inner Peace” collection”.